Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Little Chi - The Baby Pagan Squirrel

On November 14th, I discovered the most precious bundle of joy laying on the ground. I feared her dead, but upon trying to pick her up I quickly learned she was a strong little squirrel full of life. She had fallen about 30ft out of a tree along with a sibling who was found dead. I took her home and did some research on caring for a baby squirrel properly. I tried to contact a wildlife rehabilitator but was unsuccesful at finding one that could take her at the current time. They did instruct me on how to care for her until they could.

As for now the adorable fuzzy, lives in my living room in a small cage. She loves when I bring out her bottle and enjoys climbing up everyone she can. She is a lively critter and as officially been named Chi after an anime character. She also got to go to the Texas Renassiance Festival with me. I sneaked her into the faire in a purse. Hehehehe...

I only wish I could keep the little girl. She is so sweet and has really taught me a lot about my squirrel animal totem. She is the one critter that I will always remember, so until the wildlife rehab can take her I will cherish each moment with her. She will always be my baby pagan squirrel.