Friday, August 5, 2011

Standardized Witch Test

While there is no such thing as a real standardized witch test, I really think we need one. I say this because of all the solitaries running around in circles trying to see where they stand in the world of knowledge on witchcraft. I'm one of them, or I was....

I started out a solitary not out of choice, but the lack of covens in my town. It drove me nuts trying to find a teacher. I never found one. I spend years trying to figure out if I had learned everything I needed to learn to be considered a first degree witch, but while I thought I had there was still a little voice in my head telling me I had failed. I pushed back the voice for years....probably a good explanation to my insanity. Anyway, I finally decided I was at the Wiccan first degree level and began my studies to the second degree. This was very tricky without a coven too. I got online and looked at covens who had posted outlines to their second degree study requirements and tried my best to complete them my own way. Yet, I never really felt I made it to the second degree level. All my friends who were Wiccan or Pagan had said I had, but it was never enough. I didn't believe it until two nights ago....

I took what felt like the biggest standardized test ever and all on Wicca and Witchcraft. By the end I swore my head was going to pop off. It didn't, thank Goddess. The test had come from a book. In fact, the whole book is the test! It is called "What's Your Wicca IQ?" by Laura Wildman. It covers many sections like the history of Wicca, tools of the craft, performing ritual, and etc. At the back of the book it has a score ranting for the whole book and by chapter. It lets you know if you are the equivalent of a dedicant, first degree, second degree, or third degree. I figured this book was the best way to prove to myself if I really had done well in my self studies. I took the test and by the scoring ratings I'm an official second degree! *Does a happy dance*

While this test might not be great for covens, as it doesn't have much on coven practice, it is great for solitaries who are trying to assess their knowledge on Wicca and Witchcraft. I highly recommend taking the test. Some sections seemed a little useless, like do I really need to know the history of the Golden Dawn to practice Wicca? No. But the overall book was fantastic. I wish I had taken the test long ago, but at least for now I know though what I need to work on in my studies to become a third degree as I will be the first in my coven to get to that degree. But that is what happens when you gather a bunch of solitaries to form a coven...someone always has to be the first.

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