Monday, May 30, 2011

How a Squirrel Practices Patience

Squirrels are well known for their patience. However, this is one trait of the squirrel I do not posses. I decided it is something I must learn to work at. So the question is "How does a squirrel practice patience?" Lets think on this one for a moment.

What are squirrels commonly seen around? Trees.
What are squirrels known to live in? Trees.
What are squirrels commonly seen with? Nuts.

Okay, so two of the three answers involve trees. Got any ideas yet on "How a Squirrel Practices Patience"? Think mini. Think mini tree. Think Bonsai Trees! Yep, this little squirrel has taken up bonsai trees. Between me and my squirrelly partner (who reminds me more of a ferret), we now have three bonsai trees.

I never realized how much effort one of these trees take. It is surely is a tree that takes much dedication and patience. Before long I will have mastered these skills....or have three dead mini trees outside my home.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

That Which Is A Hedge Witch

Imagine an aged woman on the outskirts of town filling up bird feeders in her backyard. She talks to the squirrels that perch on the nearby fence that are waiting for her to be a safe distance before they attempt to raid the feeders. This woman smiles at their patience and walks away to tend to her herb garden for an hour before the abandoned kittens that sleep cozily indoors need to be bottle fed again. This woman is a Hedge Witch. This aged woman is who I will be when I'm older.

This may not be everyone's idea of what a Hedge Witch, but it is mine. Today Hedge Witchery is seen as a very shamanic styled form of witchcraft and folk magick, or the same as Kitchen Witchery and Green Witchery. I'd say it is all of them, but mostly I'd say it all of them and more!

Hedge Witchery is a very personal path that connects one to nature in its rawest form, if you ask me. Its about connecting back to the old ways and taking care of Mother Earth. It involves being spiritual with the most mundane things, being able to work with nature spirits, knowing about the powers of plants in healing and magick, being a friend to Mother Earth and her animal children, working as a healer, and so many other things. It is also the path of the free spirited - making it perfect for this little squirrel.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tree Full of Mews

I'm not quite sure what sound a baby squirrel makes, but I know it isn't a mew. Yet, that is all I hear in my little tree nest of a home. Yep, I've got kittens. Five to be exact. Their poor mother fell ill and who gets to care for them until they are old enough to find their forever homes? The Pagan Squirrel, of course!

Luckily for these little balls of fluff, I've done this before. In fact, it is how I ended up with my youngest meowing member of the family. However, even having done this before it still doesn't make it easier. Feeding every few hours and being constantly on guard can really wear out a little squirrel like me, but it is worth it. Sure, I may be one sleep lacking nut case at the moment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. These little critters need me and as a Hedge Witch this is my job. To care for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken by The Pagan Squirrel

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Beginnings

Once upon a time there living a little squirrel who loved her acorns very much....

Okay, so that might be true somewhere, but not here. I am not a squirrel. In fact, the idea of a squirrel typing on a laptop is a little silly to imagine, isn't it? I'm just a simple Pagan woman who has an obsession with squirrels. However, I like to think that the squirrel picked me. I identify with the squirrel for many reasons - not just because it was my first nickname as a child.

Squirrels are playful creatures with lots of energy. As a child that fit me to a T, but I think that can also describe lots of children or every child. Of course, as an adult I think this still fits me well along with the other symbolism of the great and wonderful squirrel. What are the others? Prudence, balance, socializing, preparation, resourcefulness, thrift, gathering, and trust. Okay, so I don't fit them all, but the ones I don't have always been goals in my life. Therefore, the squirrel is my perfect animal totem.

Earlier I stated that I like to say the squirrel picked me. I'm sure many people wonder, "How did the squirrel do that?" Well, aside from always seeming to show up in my life the most memorable was last year. I'd been studying Native American Shamanism and had been hearing about how some people I know had gotten their "Indian Names". I heard everything from a dying grandmother bestowing a name on her granddaughter just before death to a man who befriended elders of a tribe where he was given a name for his entrance in a helicopter - or something to that method. I must admit, I was quite jealous. I wanted a name! So decided that night to say a simple prayer to the Great Spirit:

"Dear Great Spirit, who is the the Mother and Father of us all. I ask that you send me a dream of my 'Indian Name' if I am to have one. Thank you."

That was all I did and then went to sleep. No dreams came, but I was awaken by the most horrible sound! I jumped out of bed, nearly flying, as I thought someone was breaking into my apartment! My bed as about a foot from the window where the noise had come from. Again, another sound came. I was freaking out and with adrenaline pumping, I pulled up my window blinds to find this little guy climbing my window!

It seems he was trying to get to my window bird feeder that I had put up months ago. I busted up laughing, and since then I insist that the Great Spirit has an odd sense of humor. So that is why I am The Pagan Squirrel, or at least most of it. I'm sure my friends could come up with other reasons for it.

Either way, that is the name for my blog. Which will be full of squirrelly things and random chattering about life. It's also possible other things will pop up from time to time depending on what is happening in my neck of the woods. I hope you'll stay and play with me!