Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chi Went Missing

Yesterday evening, I took Chi outside. I've done this many times, but mostly just out on the porch. This time I thought I'd walk her to the back of the building and then back inside. I just wanted to get her used to the outdoors. Well, I didn't but her in a harness or use a leash. That was my big mistake. Jason came outside and while she was running back and forth on us she jumped down on the ground. She suddenly became frightened and ran off. We followed her to a tree that she climbed at the end our of road. We tried for hours to get her down, but before long it became dark. There was nothing we could do until morning.

I woke up around 6:30am and went looking for her. I found her in an oak tree. She saw me but refused to come down. I tried offering her pecans, which are her favorite treat, but she still won't come down to me. Around 7:00am she moved around in the tree a bit, and I lost sight of her again. I waited until about 8:00am before going back home.

I couldn't stand the idea of her being out there and was back searching for her within the hour. I looked for an hour but didn't see a trace of her. I walked up and down the area near the oak tree. Nothing. Saw lots of adult red squirrels, but no Chi.

I'm glad she made it through the night, but I'm so worried about her. I know I planned to release her back into the outdoors at some point, but not like this. She has no shelter for the Winter. I'm scared for her. It doesn't help that I became attached to her and now miss her. She was like the baby I never had. She was my little girl and I worry I will never see her again. I fear at this point we will not be able to catch her and bring her home.

I pray to the Goddess every second that she will care for my Chi and allow her to be a happy squirrel. I pray that one day I will see her again all grown up and healthy if I do not find her to bring her home. I love her so much and will keep her in my heart forever.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Madness

I am so thankful the holiday season is over. Yule and Christmas caused more stress this year than normal. At least that is how it seemed. I've decided that next year everyone is getting homemade gifts and if they don't like that idea, then oh well. Too many people I know view it as a "look how much people sent on me" or "look how much I spent on you". Its all about the price tag and self worth....and the newest latest hot items on the market. What happened to the true meaning of this holiday season? And I'm not talking about the baby Jesus bit. I'm talking about enjoying your family, sharing hot cocoa (or in my case sugar cookie tea*), celebrating in love, spending time with friends and giving gifts because you want to...not because you feel you have to give them. That is how I want to celebrate the Yule season next year.

*Sugar cookie tea is my pick of hot cocoa only because I am allergic to cocoa. It bites. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things I've Learned About Squirrels

So having a bouncing baby squirrel around has made me realize that I did NOT know that much about my totem before. I've learned lots of new things about squirrels that I would not have been able to any other way. Here are some of them:

  • Baby squirrels will suck their fingers while they sleep.
  • Squirrels do not open their eyes until five weeks old. (Chi opened hers on Nov 18th.)
  • Pecans are a great treat for a squirrel.
  • Squirrels will grunt when unhappy about being picked up to go back in their cage.
  • When scared a young squirrel will jump on to the closest familiar thing...or person.
  • Squirrels are ticklish and they don't like it. lol
  • A squirrel is more curious than any book gives them credit for.
  • When threatened a squirrel will either run away or attack the other animal forcefully before running off.
  • Even a sofa is suitable for storing acorns for the Winter. lol
  • Squirrels have a very stubborn and willful personality.
  • You can teach a squirrel to beg for treats.
As I learn more about squirrels, I'll add more facts to my blog. As for now, that is it. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not So In Tune

So this squirrelly pagan has decided she isn't as in tune with Nature as she used to be. When I was younger, I could look at the sun and from its height be able to figure out when nightfall would hit. As a kid, I could sense if it was cold or not by just looking out the window. I was also able to move quietly through the woods without disturbing anything. Today, well I can do none of these things. lol

It seems that the older we get, the more out of tune with our world we become. The stress of life makes us go a little nuts and we forget to keep our connection to the natural order of things. We get so caught up staring at bills that we forget to do our part in the big picture because we focus on little things.

I miss the concept of village living. The idea that you live basically so to stay in tune with the natural cycles and community is a major value. I'm not talking about community as in the local town fair, but where people actually help each other. A wise woman I know was talking about how it really did take a village to raise a child, but that tv is doing that now.

It is a sad world we live in. Children are raised by tv and public schooling. Adults forget their connection to each other and the Earth. At this rate mankind is doomed....and if I don't change some of my habits I'll be no different than any other adult who is blind to the beauty of the world.

Now onto a better topic! The baby Chi!

Chi still hasn't been able to be taken by a Wild Rehab center or person, so she has been helping me play on my computer....or at least messing up my desk drawer. So cute! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Little Chi - The Baby Pagan Squirrel

On November 14th, I discovered the most precious bundle of joy laying on the ground. I feared her dead, but upon trying to pick her up I quickly learned she was a strong little squirrel full of life. She had fallen about 30ft out of a tree along with a sibling who was found dead. I took her home and did some research on caring for a baby squirrel properly. I tried to contact a wildlife rehabilitator but was unsuccesful at finding one that could take her at the current time. They did instruct me on how to care for her until they could.

As for now the adorable fuzzy, lives in my living room in a small cage. She loves when I bring out her bottle and enjoys climbing up everyone she can. She is a lively critter and as officially been named Chi after an anime character. She also got to go to the Texas Renassiance Festival with me. I sneaked her into the faire in a purse. Hehehehe...

I only wish I could keep the little girl. She is so sweet and has really taught me a lot about my squirrel animal totem. She is the one critter that I will always remember, so until the wildlife rehab can take her I will cherish each moment with her. She will always be my baby pagan squirrel.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Raising the Awareness (A Very Serious Post)

Where I live the idea of Wiccan Awareness is simply a dream. I've personally dealt with discrimination over the years due to my religious beliefs, but I've always stayed the course and stood up for what I've believed in. I've seen others hide their religion out of fear and while I understand this, I don't see myself ever hiding in the "broom closest". I just can't do it. If someone doesn't take a stand, then no one will and nothing will change.

Yesterday, I took that stand. I talked to a professor at our local university who works in the Social Work section as I had heard she was looking for a Wiccan speaker to talk to her class. I volunteered for the position and got to present a speech to her class on what Wicca really is. Afterwards, I did a questions and answers session which was very interesting. I really enjoyed the interaction. I couldn't have been happier with the results, but I did record the entire class period so that I could work on my speech and how I answer questions in the future. The better I learn to communicate the better I can help out in Wicca Awareness.

In all honesty, I'm very proud of myself for doing this. I finally feel like I've started taking the steps needed to be the Wiccan leader and clergy that I want to be. I also for once feel like Wicca Awareness in my town is possible even though we are deep in the Bible belt. Sure, I know I will still deal with discrimination but at least now I know I'm working on creating change.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Newspaper Article Idea

So I'm thinking of submitting a topic idea to the newspaper for a Halloween article. Yeah, I'm thinking of telling them to do an interview with a real witch and volunteering for the part. Why? Most likely because I'm tired of this little town not thinking much of us Wiccans. We are everywhere, but they don't know it. Heck, most of the other Wiccans don't know it either. It would just be nice to see Wiccans portrayed for who they really are instead of evil devil worshipers. The thing is someone has to be the first in our town to say, "Hey, I'm a Wiccan and I'm just like you! I'm not evil and definitely not a devil worshiper."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Standardized Witch Test

While there is no such thing as a real standardized witch test, I really think we need one. I say this because of all the solitaries running around in circles trying to see where they stand in the world of knowledge on witchcraft. I'm one of them, or I was....

I started out a solitary not out of choice, but the lack of covens in my town. It drove me nuts trying to find a teacher. I never found one. I spend years trying to figure out if I had learned everything I needed to learn to be considered a first degree witch, but while I thought I had there was still a little voice in my head telling me I had failed. I pushed back the voice for years....probably a good explanation to my insanity. Anyway, I finally decided I was at the Wiccan first degree level and began my studies to the second degree. This was very tricky without a coven too. I got online and looked at covens who had posted outlines to their second degree study requirements and tried my best to complete them my own way. Yet, I never really felt I made it to the second degree level. All my friends who were Wiccan or Pagan had said I had, but it was never enough. I didn't believe it until two nights ago....

I took what felt like the biggest standardized test ever and all on Wicca and Witchcraft. By the end I swore my head was going to pop off. It didn't, thank Goddess. The test had come from a book. In fact, the whole book is the test! It is called "What's Your Wicca IQ?" by Laura Wildman. It covers many sections like the history of Wicca, tools of the craft, performing ritual, and etc. At the back of the book it has a score ranting for the whole book and by chapter. It lets you know if you are the equivalent of a dedicant, first degree, second degree, or third degree. I figured this book was the best way to prove to myself if I really had done well in my self studies. I took the test and by the scoring ratings I'm an official second degree! *Does a happy dance*

While this test might not be great for covens, as it doesn't have much on coven practice, it is great for solitaries who are trying to assess their knowledge on Wicca and Witchcraft. I highly recommend taking the test. Some sections seemed a little useless, like do I really need to know the history of the Golden Dawn to practice Wicca? No. But the overall book was fantastic. I wish I had taken the test long ago, but at least for now I know though what I need to work on in my studies to become a third degree as I will be the first in my coven to get to that degree. But that is what happens when you gather a bunch of solitaries to form a coven...someone always has to be the first.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

While I wish I could be talking about food....or anything else, but sadly I'm not. I am talking about the heat wave outside. It has become too hot for me to even sit outside lately. The dressing over my iv picc line actually starts to melt if I stay out too long! Seems like it is time for some witchy interference. Where is that rain spell of mine?!?! That should cool things off for a bit!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, my new pendulum came in the snail mail today. I get my new ones from ebay. Why? Because I'm cheap. Have you ever met a rich squirrel? Anyway, I can get a pendulum on ebay for under $3 that would have cost me at least $10. I see no reason to pay lots of cash for ritual or divination items. Sure the expensive stuff can look better on some things, but that doesn't mean it will work better. My experience is if you like it, it will work. I've held that belief since I was a child.

Anyway, I purchased this one because it reminded me of the ocean. I'm big on the ocean and water magick, so I figured it was perfect for me. I've been studying sea witchery as of late by reading Sea Magic by Sandra Kynes. An online Wiccan school that I participate on has a Sea Witchery class using the book. I enrolled in the class and I love it. I'm not looking forward to the assignment over ten different sea gods or goddesses though. lol. But at one point you have to make a altar dedicated to the sea, and I couldn't imagine this pendulum not being on it. So yeah, that is how I ended up with this ebay purchase....which led to another and another and.....which lead to this post. Funny how my mind works.

Don't know much about pendulums? Check out this site. They have a great instruction sheet and some wonderful charts to use with your pendulum. I always use this site to teach my students.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fairies are to blame!

I've decided to make a small rant about fairies, whom are slowly stealing my sanity. How? Read the post and find out.

Fairies, while many say are fantasy, are real. I've seen one. I was 16 years old when I saw it. A shimmering purple ball of light floating about ten feet in the air heading into the woods behind my neighbor's house. My mouth dropped as I stood in shock. After a second, I found myself trying to follow it. It flew over some heavy brush in the woods, and I lost sight of it. Since then I saw one in my old apartment fly under my kitchen sink cabinet. I thought I'd lost my marbles at that one since I literally saw a white light fly a few inches above my floor and disappear into the cabinet. I'm not sure how it opened the cabinet door or how it did all that in a mere second or two, but I sure remember what I saw. Unfortunately for me, these sightings had to happen without a witness. Therefore, there are few who believe me. My mother thinks I'm crazy.... especially when I tell her they follow me from home to home. Or maybe I just keep moving to places with fairies? What are the odds of that one? Either way, these little devils have only one thing in mind if you ask me. To make you loose your mind and all sanity. Just ask my friend Kayla. Fairies stole her silverware at one point. My friend Shannon finds all her missing items in her closet. And for me they keep stealing my jewelry and hiding it. They also love to turn the closet light on and off randomly. I used to wonder how my clothes keep coming off the hanger, but I know the fairies did it. The fairies always did it!

Crazy little things with wings.....I wonder what they taste like in teriyaki sauce?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Book of Squirrelly Wisdom

While most witches have a Book of Shadows (BOS), I've decided that mine is more like a BOSW....Book of Squirrelly Wisdom! I say this because my book is so randomly done that it is so confusing that it is like watching a squirrel chase its own tail around and around the base of a know, where you can't figure out if it is really one or two squirrels and if it will win. And if it wins, how? It would be stuck around the tree biting onto its own tail until it let go. Or if it was really two squirrels, then the one who's tail got bitten into would only get more mad at the other and the chase would continue....

My point is that my Book of Shadows is a mess and no one other than me can make sense of it. lol Think my goal this week, while I'm healing up from my surgery, will to create a 3-ring binder version of my BOS so that it isnt so crazy and unorganized.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Cleaning Products

Okay as we all know as Pagans, one of the best things we can do is be kind to Mother Earth and her furry critters. Well, while I'm lying around in a hospital my mother was reading the newspaper and found something very Earth friendly. She, of course, shared the article with her little Pagan Squirrel. I then decided to share it with my readers.

Wood Cleaner

  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp. white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice

Mix ingredients. Using a soft cloth, rub into the wood, in the direction of the grain.

Furniture Polish

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp water

This polish should be made fresh each time you use it. Extract the juice from the lemon. Mix with oil and water. Apply a thin coat on your wood surface and let sit for 5 minutes. Use a soft cloth to buff to deep shine.

Laminate Floor Cleaner (for engineered wood and no-wax floors)

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1 gallon warm water

Mix ingredients. Avoid over wetting the floor by using a spray bottle to apply the mixture to the floor. Mop as usual (microfiber mops work best.)

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

  • 1 cup ice
  • Lemon or orange rind

To eliminate garbage disposal odors and clean and sharpen blades, grind ice and rinds until pulverized.

Refrigerator Cleaner

  • 2 Tbsp. baking soda
  • 1 quart warm water

Dissolve baking soda in water. Use to wipe all surfaces inside and out. For stubborn sports, rub with baking soda paste. Be sure to rinse with a clean, wet cloth.

No-Streak Glass Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp. cornstarch
  • 1 quart warm water

Mix the ingredients and apply with a clean sponge or pour into a spray bottle and spray on. For lint free results, wipe dry with crumpled newspaper, buff to a shine.

From an article in the Tyler newspaper by Patrice Dunagin, Smith County FCS Agent.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Into the Unknown

Tomorrow I go yet again into the unknown. Surgery. Okay, okay, so it isn't all that unknown to me. In fact this squirrel has been cut open more times than the number of years she has been alive. So that would be over 24 times. Ouch. Suddenly I'm glad they can knock me out before all that. Can you image what it must have been like in the old days of medicine? I think I'd rather have been shot and put out of my misery back in those days. Its making my tail twitch just thinking about it!

And while I am going through yet another surgery, I can't help but feel calm. I'm not sure why or how. Maybe I've finally gotten over my fears of hospitals and surgeries? Or maybe I've finally just accepted that I can't change what the Universe places on my life path?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life and Death

There are lots of nutty things in this world, but nothing more confusing then life and death. While, I believe in things like reincarnation and that I shall be well taken care of in the still scares me. It scares most people. I accept it as a fact of life and as a new beginning, but I can't imagine what will cause my death and exactly what happens when I've passed. The unknown is a very frightening thing for many people after all.

So why am I wondering about life and death? It might be due to my upcoming surgery on June 29th even though it is a minor surgery and I should be just fine. Or it might be due to relearning the basics of Wicca so that I can better help my students with their studies, and this is causing me to think more about the basic subjects than from when I first learned them. I'm not really sure which it is. Not really sure it matters either. Maybe it's both?

Either way, it makes my mind start heading in many directions, much like a squirrel looking at a garden full of bird-feeders and not knowing which to raid first. This is one of the days I really wish the Divine would just tell us what lies beyond. Maybe with a picture pop-up book? That would be nice. Of course then where would living in faith be if the Divine gave us a pop-up book of all the answers?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Litha

It seems I've let my life get a little too busy as of late. It is not that I want to me if this squirrel could just spend her days reading on the porch sofa, she would! However, my health has gotten the best of me. I guess that is what car accidents do to poor squirrels like me even if its been over 3 years. Anyways, the doctors are handling the situation. So now I'm trying to get ready for the upcoming Sabbat: Litha.

I run a small local Wicca coven. We've only been doing any serious work since last year. Before that we were just some laid back friends who got together from time to time. Therefore we have a lot to do. We've been working on the book of shadows, group bonding, deciding on a coven symbol/logo, coming up with Sabbat craft projects, re-writing the degree requirements, and all that other not so fun stuff. It is all worth it in the end too. Since last year, we have come a long way.

I'm very proud of each member in my coven. Most of them have learned to trust each other and how to work with each other now. However, it does seem we all function on Pagan Standard Time. lol Many of the members are excited about Litha. It's nothing big. Just a small BBQ potluck with a few activities. I've printed out some summer themed mandalas for meditational coloring....yes, you can color and meditate at the same time! lol We also have plans to go swimming after the ritual. Sounds like the perfect summer day to me. I just hope everyone else enjoys it too!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Squirrel Who Can Catch A Fish

The idea of squirrels fishing is a very cute idea. Not realistic, but very cute. However, this little pagan squirrel can fish! Okay, so most of what I caught yesterday wasn't big enough to keep, but I did catch seven fish! Of my coven only one other caught a fish. So it easy to see who is the winner at this sport. lol

In Texas the first Saturday of June is known as Free Fishing Day. This means that no fishing license is required of adults. I am yet to get my fishing license because I've yet to go fishing at the lake. I've never really tried to fish anywhere other than private ponds, and I also have no idea what I'm doing! We choose to go to see if it was worth getting our fishing licenses and to connect back to nature. And anyone who could fish back in the day and get enough for dinner, I have much respect for now!

Fishing is defiantly a good way to realize how life was for those of the old days. I can't image having to always find or hunt my own food. Out of five people I was the only one who caught anything large enough to eat and I only caught two that were like that. I wonder how long we would have been out there if we were really having to catch our dinner? I think I'd rather go collect nuts for dinner instead!

This experience was a great eye opener for me. It has made me to appreciate what I have and how easy it is for me to go to a store and just buy fish or whatever else I want for dinner. It has given me a stronger sense of thankfulness. I'm glad I went on this fishing trip as I won't ever forget it or the lessons it has taught me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Distractions of Luna Lovegood

No, I do not mean Luna Lovegood from the famous Harry Potter series. I'm talking about Luna Lovegood the cat! Who is this cat? Well, she is my beautiful and very odd cat. Luna is a very unique cat who's name fits her more than perfectly. She is a polydactyl, more commonly called a hemingway, and in English translates to a cat with extra toes. She has 23 toes total to be exact. (Which come with 23 claws, too!) She also possesses the cutest little bob tail. All in all she is one adorable strange cat.

Anyways, Luna decided this morning at around 6:00am to chase something. Unfortunately for me she did this in my bed. So I was awaken from a pouncing cat trying to attack something unseen at the end of the bed. After ensuring it wasn't the boogie monster she was fighting off, I check to see what it was she was in pursuit of.

She began to bat at a pillow at the edge of the bed. I moved it only to see a grayish blur move as I was not wearing my glasses and still rather tired. I quickly moved the surrounding items in hopes to see what this thing was. Sadly, I failed and was left worrying that I had a giant bug in my bed that would crawl on me while I slept. Luna, on the other hand, began her search again for the creature that got away. I went back to sleep with Luna on the prowl.

I dreamt of cock roaches sleeping in my bed and spiders the size of my hand. It is safe to say that I did not sleep well. So when I woke up at 9:00am from mewing kittens waiting to be bottle fed, I was surprised to see Luna still looking for her....whatever it was. This made me a little uneasy. I started wondering if I had mice in the apartment, even though we have no holes from any that I'm aware of.

Finally after I fed the kittens and had them back in their bed for a nap, I noticed Luna make a huge pounce off the end of the bed. I thought to myself "Oh no, it really must be a mouse!" When out popped Luna with a medium sized moth in her mouth. It twitched its wings, but there was no use. It was her prey and she had won....and I had worried over nothing. Luna made a happy and prideful cat noise then causally made her way to the living room with her prize.

I just sat there in disbelief that my sleeping fears were caused by a moth. Who knew?

Home Is Where You Hang Your Broom

Photo from Photobucket

I've been thinking a lot about what I consider home to be. For me it is a quad apartment building off a side street that connects to one of the two major roads in my little town. My apartment has a rustic brick wall on one side while all the rest inside are done with light colored paneling. It has a fake wooden floor that gets too cold in the winter for my taste. It is a small one bedroom apartment, yet is decent in size. When I first saw it, it reminded me a little of a cottage - not the building, but the inside of the apartment. The paneling reminded me of my parent's home, so after all my stuff had been moved in, the place felt like home. Well, if you could minus all the boxes and clutter of items.

But for many people even a place like this doesn't feel like home. So what does make a place feel like home?

For me it is making the place personalized. It took a long while to succeed in this after we moved to this apartment due to having surgery done on my ankle last year, but I finally did it. I sewed my own curtains, hung up a few decorations, unpacked lots of boxes, got the kitchen area...well someone clean, and started a potted garden outside. We even decorated the mini backyard that we share with the neighbors. Oh, and my next door neighbors are old friends of ours that we convinced to move in. So I'm never far from someone to keep me company.

Also being able to come home to someone who is happy to see me everyday, along with my furry pets, is a great feeling. I honestly can say that if it wasn't for my pets, I'd be one bored squirrelly person. I might have even started to actually collect nuts! Well, maybe not. Anyway, I swear my pets are one of the few things that allow me to stay sane....or insane. I'm really not sure which I am. All in all, though having something to come home to, whether it is a person, a cat, or a ferret, is a very great feeling. I don't think there is anything that can replace that.

After all this, a complete year after moving in, this place actually feels like home. Its messy and cluttered, but it is home all the same. I call it my nest in the tree because it is one of four apartments in a brown building that, for reasons unknown, reminds me of a tree. Of course that could just be from the squirrel in me trying to relate everything to....well, a squirrel.

So the question remains as to why do I say "Home is Where You Hang Your Broom"? Well, simply put it is a very true statement for us Witches. However, it is mostly due to a sign I purchased and placed in my kitchen that started this whole post. Funny how a simple thing can cause one to wander in thought.

Monday, May 30, 2011

How a Squirrel Practices Patience

Squirrels are well known for their patience. However, this is one trait of the squirrel I do not posses. I decided it is something I must learn to work at. So the question is "How does a squirrel practice patience?" Lets think on this one for a moment.

What are squirrels commonly seen around? Trees.
What are squirrels known to live in? Trees.
What are squirrels commonly seen with? Nuts.

Okay, so two of the three answers involve trees. Got any ideas yet on "How a Squirrel Practices Patience"? Think mini. Think mini tree. Think Bonsai Trees! Yep, this little squirrel has taken up bonsai trees. Between me and my squirrelly partner (who reminds me more of a ferret), we now have three bonsai trees.

I never realized how much effort one of these trees take. It is surely is a tree that takes much dedication and patience. Before long I will have mastered these skills....or have three dead mini trees outside my home.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

That Which Is A Hedge Witch

Imagine an aged woman on the outskirts of town filling up bird feeders in her backyard. She talks to the squirrels that perch on the nearby fence that are waiting for her to be a safe distance before they attempt to raid the feeders. This woman smiles at their patience and walks away to tend to her herb garden for an hour before the abandoned kittens that sleep cozily indoors need to be bottle fed again. This woman is a Hedge Witch. This aged woman is who I will be when I'm older.

This may not be everyone's idea of what a Hedge Witch, but it is mine. Today Hedge Witchery is seen as a very shamanic styled form of witchcraft and folk magick, or the same as Kitchen Witchery and Green Witchery. I'd say it is all of them, but mostly I'd say it all of them and more!

Hedge Witchery is a very personal path that connects one to nature in its rawest form, if you ask me. Its about connecting back to the old ways and taking care of Mother Earth. It involves being spiritual with the most mundane things, being able to work with nature spirits, knowing about the powers of plants in healing and magick, being a friend to Mother Earth and her animal children, working as a healer, and so many other things. It is also the path of the free spirited - making it perfect for this little squirrel.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tree Full of Mews

I'm not quite sure what sound a baby squirrel makes, but I know it isn't a mew. Yet, that is all I hear in my little tree nest of a home. Yep, I've got kittens. Five to be exact. Their poor mother fell ill and who gets to care for them until they are old enough to find their forever homes? The Pagan Squirrel, of course!

Luckily for these little balls of fluff, I've done this before. In fact, it is how I ended up with my youngest meowing member of the family. However, even having done this before it still doesn't make it easier. Feeding every few hours and being constantly on guard can really wear out a little squirrel like me, but it is worth it. Sure, I may be one sleep lacking nut case at the moment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. These little critters need me and as a Hedge Witch this is my job. To care for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken by The Pagan Squirrel

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Beginnings

Once upon a time there living a little squirrel who loved her acorns very much....

Okay, so that might be true somewhere, but not here. I am not a squirrel. In fact, the idea of a squirrel typing on a laptop is a little silly to imagine, isn't it? I'm just a simple Pagan woman who has an obsession with squirrels. However, I like to think that the squirrel picked me. I identify with the squirrel for many reasons - not just because it was my first nickname as a child.

Squirrels are playful creatures with lots of energy. As a child that fit me to a T, but I think that can also describe lots of children or every child. Of course, as an adult I think this still fits me well along with the other symbolism of the great and wonderful squirrel. What are the others? Prudence, balance, socializing, preparation, resourcefulness, thrift, gathering, and trust. Okay, so I don't fit them all, but the ones I don't have always been goals in my life. Therefore, the squirrel is my perfect animal totem.

Earlier I stated that I like to say the squirrel picked me. I'm sure many people wonder, "How did the squirrel do that?" Well, aside from always seeming to show up in my life the most memorable was last year. I'd been studying Native American Shamanism and had been hearing about how some people I know had gotten their "Indian Names". I heard everything from a dying grandmother bestowing a name on her granddaughter just before death to a man who befriended elders of a tribe where he was given a name for his entrance in a helicopter - or something to that method. I must admit, I was quite jealous. I wanted a name! So decided that night to say a simple prayer to the Great Spirit:

"Dear Great Spirit, who is the the Mother and Father of us all. I ask that you send me a dream of my 'Indian Name' if I am to have one. Thank you."

That was all I did and then went to sleep. No dreams came, but I was awaken by the most horrible sound! I jumped out of bed, nearly flying, as I thought someone was breaking into my apartment! My bed as about a foot from the window where the noise had come from. Again, another sound came. I was freaking out and with adrenaline pumping, I pulled up my window blinds to find this little guy climbing my window!

It seems he was trying to get to my window bird feeder that I had put up months ago. I busted up laughing, and since then I insist that the Great Spirit has an odd sense of humor. So that is why I am The Pagan Squirrel, or at least most of it. I'm sure my friends could come up with other reasons for it.

Either way, that is the name for my blog. Which will be full of squirrelly things and random chattering about life. It's also possible other things will pop up from time to time depending on what is happening in my neck of the woods. I hope you'll stay and play with me!