Saturday, June 2, 2012


I've decided to spend the weekend fasting. Mostly as a way to clear my body of toxins, but I still view it as a spiritual action. Something about fasting has always been spiritual to me.

Now don't start thinking this little squirrel is on a water only diet. That wouldn't be a healthy choice for me at this time due to my infection and such. So I'm on what is commonly known as a modified fast. Basically I'm allowed fresh fruits and veggies, juices and one small meal of brown rice in the evening. When I was younger, I would do fasts of water and juice only. Of course, that was back in the days before my car wreck and antibiotics.

I started this fast because I realized I've been on antibiotics for nearly a year now. At times the long use causes me to feel ill as long exposure can kill out good bacteria in your body and lower your immune system. So, while on this fast, I am drinking a probiotic lemon ginger tea each morning. My goal is to jump start my body for some extra healing.

Like I said earlier this is also a spiritual action, so this means I'm doing daily prayer and meditation. I'm reading some spiritual articles and keeping myself focused on my path. There is something about fasting that makes me feel strange to not pay extra attention to my spiritual side during the task. Maybe because I view it as a form of self discipline that is in line with spirituality.

 I'm hoping to keep this practice active in my life more often. After the weekend, I will wait a few weeks and repeat this fasting. I think it will very beneficial for me in so many ways.

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