Monday, July 11, 2011

Book of Squirrelly Wisdom

While most witches have a Book of Shadows (BOS), I've decided that mine is more like a BOSW....Book of Squirrelly Wisdom! I say this because my book is so randomly done that it is so confusing that it is like watching a squirrel chase its own tail around and around the base of a know, where you can't figure out if it is really one or two squirrels and if it will win. And if it wins, how? It would be stuck around the tree biting onto its own tail until it let go. Or if it was really two squirrels, then the one who's tail got bitten into would only get more mad at the other and the chase would continue....

My point is that my Book of Shadows is a mess and no one other than me can make sense of it. lol Think my goal this week, while I'm healing up from my surgery, will to create a 3-ring binder version of my BOS so that it isnt so crazy and unorganized.

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