Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, my new pendulum came in the snail mail today. I get my new ones from ebay. Why? Because I'm cheap. Have you ever met a rich squirrel? Anyway, I can get a pendulum on ebay for under $3 that would have cost me at least $10. I see no reason to pay lots of cash for ritual or divination items. Sure the expensive stuff can look better on some things, but that doesn't mean it will work better. My experience is if you like it, it will work. I've held that belief since I was a child.

Anyway, I purchased this one because it reminded me of the ocean. I'm big on the ocean and water magick, so I figured it was perfect for me. I've been studying sea witchery as of late by reading Sea Magic by Sandra Kynes. An online Wiccan school that I participate on has a Sea Witchery class using the book. I enrolled in the class and I love it. I'm not looking forward to the assignment over ten different sea gods or goddesses though. lol. But at one point you have to make a altar dedicated to the sea, and I couldn't imagine this pendulum not being on it. So yeah, that is how I ended up with this ebay purchase....which led to another and another and.....which lead to this post. Funny how my mind works.

Don't know much about pendulums? Check out this site. They have a great instruction sheet and some wonderful charts to use with your pendulum. I always use this site to teach my students.

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