Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fairies are to blame!

I've decided to make a small rant about fairies, whom are slowly stealing my sanity. How? Read the post and find out.

Fairies, while many say are fantasy, are real. I've seen one. I was 16 years old when I saw it. A shimmering purple ball of light floating about ten feet in the air heading into the woods behind my neighbor's house. My mouth dropped as I stood in shock. After a second, I found myself trying to follow it. It flew over some heavy brush in the woods, and I lost sight of it. Since then I saw one in my old apartment fly under my kitchen sink cabinet. I thought I'd lost my marbles at that one since I literally saw a white light fly a few inches above my floor and disappear into the cabinet. I'm not sure how it opened the cabinet door or how it did all that in a mere second or two, but I sure remember what I saw. Unfortunately for me, these sightings had to happen without a witness. Therefore, there are few who believe me. My mother thinks I'm crazy.... especially when I tell her they follow me from home to home. Or maybe I just keep moving to places with fairies? What are the odds of that one? Either way, these little devils have only one thing in mind if you ask me. To make you loose your mind and all sanity. Just ask my friend Kayla. Fairies stole her silverware at one point. My friend Shannon finds all her missing items in her closet. And for me they keep stealing my jewelry and hiding it. They also love to turn the closet light on and off randomly. I used to wonder how my clothes keep coming off the hanger, but I know the fairies did it. The fairies always did it!

Crazy little things with wings.....I wonder what they taste like in teriyaki sauce?

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