Friday, May 27, 2011

Tree Full of Mews

I'm not quite sure what sound a baby squirrel makes, but I know it isn't a mew. Yet, that is all I hear in my little tree nest of a home. Yep, I've got kittens. Five to be exact. Their poor mother fell ill and who gets to care for them until they are old enough to find their forever homes? The Pagan Squirrel, of course!

Luckily for these little balls of fluff, I've done this before. In fact, it is how I ended up with my youngest meowing member of the family. However, even having done this before it still doesn't make it easier. Feeding every few hours and being constantly on guard can really wear out a little squirrel like me, but it is worth it. Sure, I may be one sleep lacking nut case at the moment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. These little critters need me and as a Hedge Witch this is my job. To care for Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken by The Pagan Squirrel

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