Sunday, May 29, 2011

That Which Is A Hedge Witch

Imagine an aged woman on the outskirts of town filling up bird feeders in her backyard. She talks to the squirrels that perch on the nearby fence that are waiting for her to be a safe distance before they attempt to raid the feeders. This woman smiles at their patience and walks away to tend to her herb garden for an hour before the abandoned kittens that sleep cozily indoors need to be bottle fed again. This woman is a Hedge Witch. This aged woman is who I will be when I'm older.

This may not be everyone's idea of what a Hedge Witch, but it is mine. Today Hedge Witchery is seen as a very shamanic styled form of witchcraft and folk magick, or the same as Kitchen Witchery and Green Witchery. I'd say it is all of them, but mostly I'd say it all of them and more!

Hedge Witchery is a very personal path that connects one to nature in its rawest form, if you ask me. Its about connecting back to the old ways and taking care of Mother Earth. It involves being spiritual with the most mundane things, being able to work with nature spirits, knowing about the powers of plants in healing and magick, being a friend to Mother Earth and her animal children, working as a healer, and so many other things. It is also the path of the free spirited - making it perfect for this little squirrel.

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