Monday, May 30, 2011

How a Squirrel Practices Patience

Squirrels are well known for their patience. However, this is one trait of the squirrel I do not posses. I decided it is something I must learn to work at. So the question is "How does a squirrel practice patience?" Lets think on this one for a moment.

What are squirrels commonly seen around? Trees.
What are squirrels known to live in? Trees.
What are squirrels commonly seen with? Nuts.

Okay, so two of the three answers involve trees. Got any ideas yet on "How a Squirrel Practices Patience"? Think mini. Think mini tree. Think Bonsai Trees! Yep, this little squirrel has taken up bonsai trees. Between me and my squirrelly partner (who reminds me more of a ferret), we now have three bonsai trees.

I never realized how much effort one of these trees take. It is surely is a tree that takes much dedication and patience. Before long I will have mastered these skills....or have three dead mini trees outside my home.

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