Friday, June 3, 2011

Distractions of Luna Lovegood

No, I do not mean Luna Lovegood from the famous Harry Potter series. I'm talking about Luna Lovegood the cat! Who is this cat? Well, she is my beautiful and very odd cat. Luna is a very unique cat who's name fits her more than perfectly. She is a polydactyl, more commonly called a hemingway, and in English translates to a cat with extra toes. She has 23 toes total to be exact. (Which come with 23 claws, too!) She also possesses the cutest little bob tail. All in all she is one adorable strange cat.

Anyways, Luna decided this morning at around 6:00am to chase something. Unfortunately for me she did this in my bed. So I was awaken from a pouncing cat trying to attack something unseen at the end of the bed. After ensuring it wasn't the boogie monster she was fighting off, I check to see what it was she was in pursuit of.

She began to bat at a pillow at the edge of the bed. I moved it only to see a grayish blur move as I was not wearing my glasses and still rather tired. I quickly moved the surrounding items in hopes to see what this thing was. Sadly, I failed and was left worrying that I had a giant bug in my bed that would crawl on me while I slept. Luna, on the other hand, began her search again for the creature that got away. I went back to sleep with Luna on the prowl.

I dreamt of cock roaches sleeping in my bed and spiders the size of my hand. It is safe to say that I did not sleep well. So when I woke up at 9:00am from mewing kittens waiting to be bottle fed, I was surprised to see Luna still looking for her....whatever it was. This made me a little uneasy. I started wondering if I had mice in the apartment, even though we have no holes from any that I'm aware of.

Finally after I fed the kittens and had them back in their bed for a nap, I noticed Luna make a huge pounce off the end of the bed. I thought to myself "Oh no, it really must be a mouse!" When out popped Luna with a medium sized moth in her mouth. It twitched its wings, but there was no use. It was her prey and she had won....and I had worried over nothing. Luna made a happy and prideful cat noise then causally made her way to the living room with her prize.

I just sat there in disbelief that my sleeping fears were caused by a moth. Who knew?

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