Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Squirrel Who Can Catch A Fish

The idea of squirrels fishing is a very cute idea. Not realistic, but very cute. However, this little pagan squirrel can fish! Okay, so most of what I caught yesterday wasn't big enough to keep, but I did catch seven fish! Of my coven only one other caught a fish. So it easy to see who is the winner at this sport. lol

In Texas the first Saturday of June is known as Free Fishing Day. This means that no fishing license is required of adults. I am yet to get my fishing license because I've yet to go fishing at the lake. I've never really tried to fish anywhere other than private ponds, and I also have no idea what I'm doing! We choose to go to see if it was worth getting our fishing licenses and to connect back to nature. And anyone who could fish back in the day and get enough for dinner, I have much respect for now!

Fishing is defiantly a good way to realize how life was for those of the old days. I can't image having to always find or hunt my own food. Out of five people I was the only one who caught anything large enough to eat and I only caught two that were like that. I wonder how long we would have been out there if we were really having to catch our dinner? I think I'd rather go collect nuts for dinner instead!

This experience was a great eye opener for me. It has made me to appreciate what I have and how easy it is for me to go to a store and just buy fish or whatever else I want for dinner. It has given me a stronger sense of thankfulness. I'm glad I went on this fishing trip as I won't ever forget it or the lessons it has taught me.

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