Friday, June 24, 2011

Life and Death

There are lots of nutty things in this world, but nothing more confusing then life and death. While, I believe in things like reincarnation and that I shall be well taken care of in the still scares me. It scares most people. I accept it as a fact of life and as a new beginning, but I can't imagine what will cause my death and exactly what happens when I've passed. The unknown is a very frightening thing for many people after all.

So why am I wondering about life and death? It might be due to my upcoming surgery on June 29th even though it is a minor surgery and I should be just fine. Or it might be due to relearning the basics of Wicca so that I can better help my students with their studies, and this is causing me to think more about the basic subjects than from when I first learned them. I'm not really sure which it is. Not really sure it matters either. Maybe it's both?

Either way, it makes my mind start heading in many directions, much like a squirrel looking at a garden full of bird-feeders and not knowing which to raid first. This is one of the days I really wish the Divine would just tell us what lies beyond. Maybe with a picture pop-up book? That would be nice. Of course then where would living in faith be if the Divine gave us a pop-up book of all the answers?

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