Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Litha

It seems I've let my life get a little too busy as of late. It is not that I want to me if this squirrel could just spend her days reading on the porch sofa, she would! However, my health has gotten the best of me. I guess that is what car accidents do to poor squirrels like me even if its been over 3 years. Anyways, the doctors are handling the situation. So now I'm trying to get ready for the upcoming Sabbat: Litha.

I run a small local Wicca coven. We've only been doing any serious work since last year. Before that we were just some laid back friends who got together from time to time. Therefore we have a lot to do. We've been working on the book of shadows, group bonding, deciding on a coven symbol/logo, coming up with Sabbat craft projects, re-writing the degree requirements, and all that other not so fun stuff. It is all worth it in the end too. Since last year, we have come a long way.

I'm very proud of each member in my coven. Most of them have learned to trust each other and how to work with each other now. However, it does seem we all function on Pagan Standard Time. lol Many of the members are excited about Litha. It's nothing big. Just a small BBQ potluck with a few activities. I've printed out some summer themed mandalas for meditational coloring....yes, you can color and meditate at the same time! lol We also have plans to go swimming after the ritual. Sounds like the perfect summer day to me. I just hope everyone else enjoys it too!

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