Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Madness

I am so thankful the holiday season is over. Yule and Christmas caused more stress this year than normal. At least that is how it seemed. I've decided that next year everyone is getting homemade gifts and if they don't like that idea, then oh well. Too many people I know view it as a "look how much people sent on me" or "look how much I spent on you". Its all about the price tag and self worth....and the newest latest hot items on the market. What happened to the true meaning of this holiday season? And I'm not talking about the baby Jesus bit. I'm talking about enjoying your family, sharing hot cocoa (or in my case sugar cookie tea*), celebrating in love, spending time with friends and giving gifts because you want to...not because you feel you have to give them. That is how I want to celebrate the Yule season next year.

*Sugar cookie tea is my pick of hot cocoa only because I am allergic to cocoa. It bites. 

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