Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things I've Learned About Squirrels

So having a bouncing baby squirrel around has made me realize that I did NOT know that much about my totem before. I've learned lots of new things about squirrels that I would not have been able to any other way. Here are some of them:

  • Baby squirrels will suck their fingers while they sleep.
  • Squirrels do not open their eyes until five weeks old. (Chi opened hers on Nov 18th.)
  • Pecans are a great treat for a squirrel.
  • Squirrels will grunt when unhappy about being picked up to go back in their cage.
  • When scared a young squirrel will jump on to the closest familiar thing...or person.
  • Squirrels are ticklish and they don't like it. lol
  • A squirrel is more curious than any book gives them credit for.
  • When threatened a squirrel will either run away or attack the other animal forcefully before running off.
  • Even a sofa is suitable for storing acorns for the Winter. lol
  • Squirrels have a very stubborn and willful personality.
  • You can teach a squirrel to beg for treats.
As I learn more about squirrels, I'll add more facts to my blog. As for now, that is it. Thanks for reading!

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