Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chi Went Missing

Yesterday evening, I took Chi outside. I've done this many times, but mostly just out on the porch. This time I thought I'd walk her to the back of the building and then back inside. I just wanted to get her used to the outdoors. Well, I didn't but her in a harness or use a leash. That was my big mistake. Jason came outside and while she was running back and forth on us she jumped down on the ground. She suddenly became frightened and ran off. We followed her to a tree that she climbed at the end our of road. We tried for hours to get her down, but before long it became dark. There was nothing we could do until morning.

I woke up around 6:30am and went looking for her. I found her in an oak tree. She saw me but refused to come down. I tried offering her pecans, which are her favorite treat, but she still won't come down to me. Around 7:00am she moved around in the tree a bit, and I lost sight of her again. I waited until about 8:00am before going back home.

I couldn't stand the idea of her being out there and was back searching for her within the hour. I looked for an hour but didn't see a trace of her. I walked up and down the area near the oak tree. Nothing. Saw lots of adult red squirrels, but no Chi.

I'm glad she made it through the night, but I'm so worried about her. I know I planned to release her back into the outdoors at some point, but not like this. She has no shelter for the Winter. I'm scared for her. It doesn't help that I became attached to her and now miss her. She was like the baby I never had. She was my little girl and I worry I will never see her again. I fear at this point we will not be able to catch her and bring her home.

I pray to the Goddess every second that she will care for my Chi and allow her to be a happy squirrel. I pray that one day I will see her again all grown up and healthy if I do not find her to bring her home. I love her so much and will keep her in my heart forever.

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